York Wedding

31 March 2015

What a weekend!
This past weekend we spent a night in the beautiful Elgin Valley in Cape Town, celebrating the wedding of two very special friends. The groom, Gray is the younger brother of MC's best friend - so he is like family. And his gorgeous bride, Amy is one of the nicest people we have ever met.

And the only words to describe their big day are: 
out of this world

Wow! From beginning to end, we were blown away. The most picture perfect day with blue skies and shining sun to a ceremony on a wine farm overlooking the mountains to a glistening pool room with chandeliers, champagne and harvest tables to a clear marquee dressed in all white, sparkling lights and an ice cream truck - and the most important, the union of two amazing people who share a very special love.
Perfect in every way and a day we will never forget.

Five on Friday

27 March 2015

Yay for Friday! Yay for the weekend!
It's been quite a week... And i cannot wait for special wedding celebrations in Cape Town tomorrow.

But first... let me join a link up:
Five on Friday with Christina and Oh Hey Friday with Karli and Amy.

Five Favourite Facebook Pages

1. Glee Projects. These two talented and creative ladies are the main reason all my functions and parties come together. They are the sweetest sister pair and business duo with an eye for colour and design, and a great party idea. Contact them for your next event - wedding, baby shower, kids party or dinner party.

2. CROP. The. Best. Hair. Salon. Ever. The most gorgeous salon, the best products and the friendliest stylist. Yummy lunch and delicious coffee, mimosas on occasion and a heavenly head massage with your wash - and you walk out with the runway styled hair. What more could a girl ask for? Stacy knows just how blonde my colour needs to be and whether straight, up do or curls, she has the best styles in town.

3. Roxstar. My bikini obsession is no secret and this is my best online store and supplier. The most beautiful colours and flattering styles for every body shape and the most affordable prices! 

4. Cupcakez. My love affair with Carrie's cakes started before our wedding - she had just started her hobby and she produced the most beautiful cake and cupcake in our wedding colours and flowers for 250 guests. And I've never ordered another cake since - all our cakes, cupcakes and biscuits for our parties are from this talented baker. The best part - they don't only look amazing, they taste incredible too.

5. Saint & Summer. I have a thing about feet. I always noticed guys feet when I was single and MC has gorgeous feet and toes. And I make sure mine are always well groomed - from soft heels to tanned skin and pedicured nails. And the best accessory for these gorgeous feet - a pair of Saint & Summer sandals (or in my case, four pairs - got to have one in every colour!)

And what type of blogger would I be without complimenting my only little Facebook space - don't forget to like Ellie Love on Facebook too.

Happy Friday

Giveaway: September FARM

26 March 2015

I'm participating in a group giveaway with the lovely Karli from September FARM!!

This is her original post...

we've been working pretty hard out here on the farm. so hard, in fact, we just haven't had time to change out of our princess attire...ever. 

it's hard work being a princess. what with all the concrete pouring...and other princess things. you probably wouldn't understand. 

but we haven't been too busy to put together the march group giveaway...and it's a hefty one!

hefty to the tune of $170 in PayPal cash. you bet. 

oh! and i bet you couldn't help but notice all the snazzy ladies who brought you the giveaway.

pretty enough to be princesses...that's all i'm saying.

do your thing. check the gal-faces out. find a new blog or seven. get entered. good luck!
caley | chelsea | amy | nina
sophi | karli | hannah | kati rose
paige | mary | hayley | libby

is a group giveaway your thing? please feel free to get yourself in on that action...let september farm be your vehicle! check out my ad spaces!

happy tuesday!

Dear... Growing Old

24 March 2015

I'm a little late with this months The Letter Link Up with Amber but I;m excusing myself with the way these weeks and months are just flying by... 

March letter prompt is: Growing Old

Dear MC,

Before I had ever imagined marrying someone as wonderful as you, growing old was pretty daunting. The idea of getting wrinkles and saggy skin, bad worse eyesight and bad hearing, walking with a limp or assisted, struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, taking numerous pills and counting the days to kicking the bucket - didn't sound all that appealing?!

But with you - anything is amazing. And now my only dream is that we get the chance to grow old together. I love doing life with you and I cannot wait to be wrinkly and grey (I think you will make a very sexy silver fox!) with you. I can't wait to become grandparents with you - you are the most amazing father and I just know you are going to be an even more incredible grandfather. As much as I love our family and current busy schedules, I also cannot wait for the day that it is just the two of us again - to enjoy lazy days, travel the world and go on our very own adventures together. 

I'm not delusional though. I know that these growing old days will also bring tough and testing times. But the love and care I have for you is deep and the promise I made to you is to be by your side through young and old, in sickness and in health. And this means, I am also here to repeat myself when you can't hear, hold your hand when you struggle to walk, remind you to do things when your memory fades and care for you when you can no longer care for yourself. We are in this together, now and always.

Growing old is exciting with you by my side.
My only fear is that we may not get the chance but I pray that God's plan for us is to grow old together.

Love, Your Bride

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Society Says...

23 March 2015

via Pinterest

During a coffee date the other day, a friend and I were chatting about weight issues - the usual gaining baby weight, eating healthy (she was having hot chocolate and I had tea with skim milk and sweetener!), and the obsession we seem to have with weight. And it got me thinking - why are we so obsessed with our weight?

My whole life I was considered skinny. I never had to try and lose weight. But I also didn't eat super healthy or work out every day. I was naturally skinny. I slowly gained a little weight after high school but was still always quite small. I then had two pregnancies in two and a half years and I gained a lot of weight. I didn't lose it all. And I still haven't lost it all. 

Yet, friends and family may still comment that I look good, that I've lost weight or I look toned or skinny. Unfortunately, when I look in the mirror, I do not agree and I know in my mind that I am not skinny and I don't look as good as I can. 
(this is a personal opinion I have of myself)

The question I have is... Who says I am not skinny? Who says I don't look good?
Me or Society?

Back in the day... women were curvy, women were voluptuous and women were not athletic or super toned and muscular but they were beautiful. Who changed that? And why?

I have learnt over the last few years and my journey through gaining weight and trying losing weight that beautiful is a definition that only you can describe and determine. Your beautiful is your beautiful, and is very different to someone else's beautiful. And thank goodness for that - as we all marry different people (of different sizes, races, colours, features). Oh, imagine the problems the world would have if we all had the same definition of beautiful?! 

Society has changed this in so many ways. Society says you must exercise (gym contracts, bikram yoga, exercise guides, Kayla Itsines). Society says you must eat lean (sugar is the devil, no carbs, Banting, Paleo, Tim Noakes, juicing). Society says we must have 'model' bodies and magazines and TV's expose us to these perfect, tiny model figures. Society says you must have small dress sizes (all the best clothing styles and outfits come in smaller sizes). 
Society says...

I am the first to admit that I seem to have "listened" to society when she has said that women need to be of a smaller size. But I truly believe that I haven't listened because I am following the crowd or I think it is politically correct. I have listened because this works for me... I look in the mirror and my beautiful is a certain weight and a certain tone to my body - it is not skinny and it is not muscular. But it isn't what it is now... I am few kgs heavier than I want to be and I am a few gym sessions flabbier that I want to be. 
And it's because I said so...

Don't get me wrong - I have definitely felt guilty eating a slice of cake when a friend is eating a salad, and I have felt inadequate when lying at the pool with super slim and toned friends in bikinis and plenty clothing store change room mirrors have gasped back at me when trying on an outfit. I have fallen into the trap and played victim to "society says" a few times but then I remember that only I can make myself happy - and what is my happy?
My happy is my beautiful.

What is your beautiful
Skinny, curvy, plump, muscular, small, lean?
It doesn't matter, because it is YOUR beautiful and nobody else's.

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