4D Scan

09 April 2014

Pregnancies throughout the world are different. And tracking pregnancies also seems to be quite different in different countries, different cultures and across different medical schemes. 
Here in South Africa, we visit the gynae every 4 weeks - starting with our first check up and scan at 8 weeks, and then weekly in the last four weeks.
(Check up/scans include 8wk, 12wk, 16wk, 20wk, 24wk, 28wk, 32wk, 36wk, 37wk, 38wk, 39 wk and 40wk)

The first scan at 8wk is to find and listen to the heartbeat, the 12wk scan and blood test determines the risk of Downs Syndrome, the 16wk scan can determine the gender and the 20wk scan is an anomaly scan that measures all limbs and organs and will detect any major defects. Most hospitals and clinics also offer a cosmetic 4D scan around 28 - 32wk which allows you to see a very clear 4D scan of the baby's face.

A few weeks ago, we booked and attended our 4D scan but our stubborn little poppet decided to hide behind my placenta so we were unable to see any parts of its face. We were lucky enough to reschedule to last week and were greeted with a shy baby who showed a little of one side of its face, but after a can of sugary cool drink and bouncing on a yoga ball, we tried again and were greeted with the sweetest little face.

And just for the cutest comparison, this was little SJ's 4D scan...

Do you notice any obvious similarities or differences?

Sunshine Award

08 April 2014

Claudz is one of the sweetest and most genuine bloggers I have been blessed to get to know. She is a local lass that lives in nearby Johannesburg and she always has the kindest words and sweetest comments on my blog. I hope that one day, we can meet in person. Today, I get to thank Claudz for nominating me for a Sunshine Award.

Rules of the Sunshine Award:
1) Display the award on your ever deserving blog
2) Say "thank you" to the wonderful person to have nominated you
3) Give us 10 interesting things about yourself
4) Nominate some of your favorite blogs
5) Link to those blogs in your post and let them know that you've nominated them!

I now have to share 10 things about me...

1. Most people think my second name is Jade but my name is actually hyphenated. One name.

2. I have two fears in life - death and snakes. I'm working on my faith in living eternally but I will never get over my fear of snakes. I can't even touch a picture of a snake.

3. I wear contact lenses. And I am a serious percentage of blind. I can barely see without my contact lenses in. Blind as a bat. 

4. When it comes to babies and children, I prefer boys names and boys clothes. This may sound weird because most people prefer the pinks and frills and tutus but I walk straight to the boys section. And don't get my started on girls names - I liked one and I used it. Now I am stuck!

5. I have been swimming with sharks. Free swimming/diving. With no cage. It was absolutely incredible, and I was not scared. It was such a calm and tranquil experience with Black Tip and Zambezi sharks gliding past my bikini-ed body.

6. I am slightly OCD. Hence my love for planning, organising and routine. I have endless to do lists and check lists for daily life, meal plans and events.

7. I was the Project Manager for the building of our home. I was on site weekly with a bunch of male, bulky builders and I made sure things happened from start to finish - I know every last square inch of our home. And I am very proud.

8. I love Coca-Cola. Fact.

9. I would love to open my own play group. Will have to keep the mind ticking on this one and watch this space.

10. I love my sleep. (Quite ironic for a mom-of-almost-two) but I could sleep in every morning, have an afternoon nap every day and still go to bed early every night. Let's not talk about my sleeping patterns when I'm pregnant - my poor husband!

My blog nominations are:

Five on Friday

07 April 2014

I know it's Monday but a girl can only wish that it was still Friday, and still get this post in before the link up closes... Rather late than never! Link up with Christina.
As if I wasn't already doing things differently this week (by posting on a Monday), my 5 this week are 5 favourite blog posts by 5 favourite bloggers. Enjoy!

1. Dry Shampoo. My sweet friend Amber shares her hair secrets with a vlog on using dry shampoo. i have to be honest, as a blondie myself, I am new to this craze but I now swear by it too. Dry shampoo has helped my damaged and oily hair look reasonably presentable on a day where washing, drying and straightening just ain't going to happen (perfect for new moms too!)


2. Gender Reveal. Steph and Beau celebrated their gender reveal this weekend, and precious baby H is a GIRL!!! I am so excited for them both, and cannot wait to follow the pregnancy and birth of their little princess. 

3. New blogs. My sweet friend Ashley has started a new blog and booming photography business, showcasing her gorgeous talent of taking beautiful images. 

4. Wedding shoots. Who doesn't love a wedding? Or pretending to be a bride in a styled shoot? Che and Kez share this magical wedding shoot with some amazing local wedding vendors, including my favourite design and stationery ladies: Glee Projects.

5. To do lists. We all know how I love to be organised and tick things off a check list, and this week one of my favorite, most organised blogging friends Jen has a bright and colorful to do list printable available on her blog. Go on and get yours...

Have a happy week

This Crazy Life

06 April 2014

So, it's been almost two weeks since I last made an appearance on my little blog and this makes me sad... I love this little space, and I enjoy every moment that I spend thinking, writing and creating posts. But sometimes life gets hectic and unfortunately for me, one of the first things that tends to take a back seat when the going gets busy is my blog. 

But I am still proud and enthusiastic when I return, and that's all that matters... to me!

Thank you to my special blogging friends who loyally return to read the blank pages and who send genuine messages of worry and concern when I am MIA for a while. I promise I am all good.

Just to keep you in the know...

After publishing my last parenting post on biting, SJ has started at her new school and has settled in well. She is enjoying her new environment and proves to still be our happy, confident and self-assured little madam. She seems to also slowly be growing out of her "phase" and as parents, we are a lot happier. calmer and well-assured that she is in the best hands and care during the day. 

Our little SJ also turns TWO next week! So this mama has been planning up a storm - this birthday is already the most fun because she knows exactly what is going on, always singing "happy birthday" to herself and excited to celebrate her special day at the animal farm and open her presents. 

Baby #2 is growing well and my pregnancy continues to be happy and healthy. We cannot believe how these past few months have flown by and we are already in week 32. We constantly feel great movement (a lot more than big sister SJ) and this little tot keeps us guessing pink or blue each day. We cannot wait to meet our little miracle in the next 6 - 8 weeks.

Our builders are slowly finishing off our snags and last few finishing touches to our house. We are hoping to have any contractors out of house and all complete in the next few weeks, to allow for some peace and quiet before baby arrives. And I promise a home tour when all is done...

And Monday brings a whole new week of school for SJ, hard work for MC, DIY party planning, gyming and a busy social week for us all.

Happy Monday!

Pinspiration Post - Bathroom Shelves

25 March 2014

Our master bathroom shelves are empty, completely bare.
We have five white floating shelves that I need to get creative with and start decorating... I've been thinking of towel storage, toilet roll storage, glass jars filled with toiletries, candles, frames, flowers or succulents, vases or trinkets.

A few ideas from Pinterest:

All images via Pinterest
What do you think?
Any recommendations or cute ideas for this space?

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