30th Birthday: Decor

09 October 2015

Choosing a venue for my 30th birthday party was an easy decision to make. I have always wanted to host a function at Market. Market is a small, boutique restaurant that has a small inside area with funky yellow couch and a large outdoor courtyard area that surrounds a gorgeous tree and fountain, and at night it becomes magical. The added bonus is the delicious food and accommodating staff.

As Pinterest will tell you - pink and gold is a popular girls/ladies party palette at the moment and love it too. I have always wanted a simple but formal birthday party and with a few flowers, gold glitter and fairy lights - my magical, dream party came true.

30th Birthday - Decor

Photography: Heather Fitchet
Cake: Cakes by Carrie
Macaroons: Danielas
Gold sequin tablecloths: Labola
Gold balloons: The Sugar Stop Co
Stationery and printables: Glee Projects

October Goals

07 October 2015

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Hard to believe that we have three months left of the year... Summer is fast approaching for us and yay for Halloween and Christmas soon!!

October Goals

  • Appreciate my MC every day
  • Be present with my girls
  • Back on track with health and fitness (and my fitness IG for accountability)
  • Drink more water
  • Celebrate our wedding anniversary and romantic getaway
  • EN's surgery and road to recovery
  • Celebrate a special friends 30th birthday
  • Attend the Global Leadership Summit
  • Print my first party design
  • Attend SJ's school concert
  • Celebrate and host a Halloween party
  • Host a Cuppa for Cansa tea
  • Attend three baby showers
  • Watch our Springboks win the Rugby World Cup
  • Celebrate our niece's 1st birthday
  • Possible trip to Houston
  • Visit blogging friends in Texas
  • Possible country concert
  • Enjoy my first tanning session
  • Read a book
  • Watch a movie at the cinema
  • Watch the finale of The Bachelorette (I know who wins!)

A busy and exciting month ahead!

September Goals: TICK!

06 October 2015

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Well, September wasn't our greatest month! So much going on and crazy chaos with SJ being sick and having two toddlers running around all day but we made it through...
  • Make the most of the quality time with MC
  • Squeeze them tighter every day
  • Continue reading my devotional
  • Get back into our Sunday church and weekly prayer time
  • Get back into a good gym/running routine - This was tricky with being with SJ but I tried.
  • Spend quality time with SJ and getting her better
  • Enjoy fun and educational activities with SJ at home
  • Watch SJ make a full recovery
  • Save money FAIL!
  • Work on a business plan
  • Keep designing
  • Declutter and clean out the playroom Almost done!
  • Complete our formal lounge makeover
  • Complete our guest bathroom makeover
  • Be a bridesmaid for my bestest friend
  • Visit special friends and family in Joburg
  • Celebrate our Godson's 3rd birthday
  • Read a book - Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Watch a movie at the cinema - Ditto!
  • Make special anniversary plans
  • Enjoy a getaway with our sweet family - Unfortunately not!
  • Send two snail mail packages
Praying for a better and more relaxing month in October.

Five on Friday

25 September 2015

After being in our home for almost two years already, we have updated a few things and made some small changes. These are a few of my favourite spots in our home... Linking up with Christina and Karli.

Favourite Spots in our Home

1. Guest bathroom. This tiny little space that is used by almost all visitors (which makes it rather important!) has been left bare since we moved in. A small guest loo with white walls and no accessories. Loving our new bold wallpaper.

2. Master Bedroom. Our master bedroom is white and gold but our builders built a terribly bulky and ugly looking box shelf and mantle over our fireplace. We have removed this and replaced it with a simple shelf with accessories and new wallpaper.

3. Playroom. The playroom has been a work in progress over the years as it has changed its purpose from one little girl to a toddler/baby space and now for two toddler princesses. We updated the colours, storage and wall stickers. Love the new colour palette.

4. Outside Living Area. Living in a warm climate, we use this space often but we felt that it wasn't as comfy or inviting as it could be so we added a new couch, recovered the old couch, added a new table and some fun accessories - already we use the space so much more. 

5. Kitchen Accessories. Our kitchen has always been functional but never been very pretty so we added a touch of rose gold and elegance.

Thank you Kirst from Kirsty Lindley Interiors for helping us add the finishing touches to our home. For now...

Heritage Day

24 September 2015

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24 September is Heritage Day in South Africa.
Today, we celebrate our culture, our diversity and our heritage that makes up our rainbow nation. 

A bit of history:
In Kwa-Zulu Natal, 24 September was firstly known as Shaka Day, in commemoration of King Shaka Zulu. Shaka was the legendary Zulu King who played an important role in uniting Zulu clans into a cohesive nation. We now celebrate this day as a public holiday and in 2005, the day was rebranded as National Braai Day in honour of our country's famous meal, the bar (BBQ in other countries).

Any way you see it, today is about our country and all the wonderful people, cultures and races that make up our nation.
We are proudly South African.

It is no secret that MC and I love our country and we are extremely loyal and patriotic (and maybe a little bias too). We agree that South Africa (and Durban) is the most beautiful country/city in the world and this is why...

We have a very warm climate and Durban in particular, it is warm all year round.
We have beautiful beaches, mountains and the best bush/safaris.
We are a rainbow nation with diverse cultures and mixed races.
Our nation is friendly, welcoming and hospitable.
We are close to most immediate family.
We are spoilt with unbelievable domestic help.
Most of our closest friends live nearby.
We have a good education system and dedicated teachers.
We have the freedom of space with comfortable size homes and big gardens.
We have good businesses and great networking.
We have a good medical system.
Our small country allows us to travel and explore other cities.
We have open roads to allow us to own our own transport.
Our schools, shops, place of work, churches are in close proximity.
We have good entrepreneurial skills and small businesses.
We farm, grow and produce great meat, fish, fresh produce and wines.
We live our lives outdoors and being active.

Don't get me wrong, our country is not perfect and I am grateful for the position we are in in our country. Our country (like so many others) has crime, poverty, a controversial government and conflict but to us, it is home. 

The grass is only greener where it is watered, and we water ours beautifully.

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